The Valmont Group is privileged to be a family affair, under the steady direction of Didier Guillon and Sophie Vann Guilllon.

Descendant of a family of art collectors, Didier Guillon has perpetuated a family tradition, showing his passion for modern and contemporary art at an early age. After studies in law and business management, Didier Guillon held several positions in marketing in France before moving to Switzerland and acquiring the producer of cosmetic products, Valmont. Today as president and artistic director of the Valmont Group, he considers art as a source of inspiration in conceiving the universe of a product or a range, while being faithful to the Valmont motto, "When Art meets Beauty." All Valmont visuals are created along a precise artistic line derived from his personal drawing and color selection.

Sophie Vann Guilllon is the guarantor of the uncompromising quality and efficiency of the precious care products in the Valmont and l'Elixir des Glaciers lines. Sophie Vann Guilllon is the fulcrum between the laboratories and the brand's clientele. She manages research projects as well as the conception of communications on the beauty care lines of the Maison. Thanks to her technical expertise and her incessant quest for innovations, Sophie Vann Guilllon has succeeded in making Valmont a true pioneer in the cosmetics market.

For over 30 years the Valmont Group has helped women and men master the signs of time. It is a fantastic family saga, passing on the love of science, innovation and cosmetics from generation to generation.