Mini Luxuries

Small is beautiful and very practical when you want to try something new. A bestselling eye contour, creamy moisturizer, gentle cleanser or mask, perhaps? Experience the efficacy of Swiss cellular luxury cosmetics with mini skincare gems to be treasured and tried.

V-Line Lifting Eye Cream 5ml
Lifting eye cream

Out of stock

Detoxifying oxygenating cream
Energizing and moisturizing cream
Prime Contour
Eye and lip contour corrective treatment

Out of stock

Prime B-Cellular
Energizing cellular anti-aging serum

Moisturizing With A Mask
Instant thirst-quenching mask
Moisturizing With A Cream
24h hydration cream
BESTSELLERS Hydra3 Regenetic Serum
Anti-aging hydration-activating serum
Primary Veil
Protective prepping mist
BESTSELLERS Moisturizing Booster
Plumping hydrating serum

Sophie Vann Guillon

CEO of Valmont

"Valmont’s mini luxuries are the perfectly sized format to discover the brand’s must-haves and experience their effectiveness beauty routine.

For those who always hesitate before purchasing… For those who like to switch products and mix experiences… For those who enjoy gifting themselves with little high-end pleasures… Explore, discover and adopt Valmont’s mini luxuries as your favorite new beauty routine. To try them is to love them!”

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Find out what your skin really needs with V-Skin Diagnosis. We have combined advanced AI technology with our cellular skincare expertise to provide complete skin analysis and personal recommendations for care.

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