Storie Veneziane

Verde Erba I

Extrait de parfum
Floral Green

A new dawn for freedom lovers
A spring bouquet reveals the faceted grace of men and women in love with lightness– sometimes organic, sometimes mischievous. It oscillates between the delicacy and intensity of its green notes. The warm and flowery journey of the syringa flower enhances the strength of woody papyrus essence and envelops itself in round, suave vanilla. A promise of freedom fulfilled.

Verde Erba I

A new dawn for freedom lovers

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Scent notes

Storie Veneziane - Verde Erba I

This delicate accord offers a slightly aniseed floral aroma.

Essence of Papyrus

A symbol of luck, the papyrus delivers a complex green note that is singularly woody.


Soothing pods of adorable deliciousness.


It dances lightly on the Pontile Sant’Elena in the early morning. It teases, the sunlight changing colors on the promenade. As it passes a flower blooms in an ocean of green. A whisper of vanilla captures the moment. The day is full of promise. This perfume embodies the unique freshness of the Venetian dawn and all of its splendor.

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