La Maison Valmont

International Finance Square,
L304a, No1 section 3 of Hongxing Road Jinjiang District - Chengdu,

The Chinese home to 245 skyscrapers: Chengdu

The last born of Maison Valmont in 2019, Chengdu consecrates the first opening of a Valmont Group flagship store on Chinese soil. A city close to 10 million inhabitants, Chengdu combines an international finance centre with patrimony and tradition, is famous for its quality of life and its multiple tea salons.

Global Center stands out as the largest building on earth… yet La Maison Valmont has elected the International Finance Square as its nest. This complex of 4 skyscrapers inaugurated in 2015 is a paradise for shoppers, thanks to a judicious selection of high-end brands.

La Maison Valmont celebrates the know-how and expertise of the Group’s brands, and dedicates a privileged space to the artistic activities of Fondation Valmont.