Storie Veneziane

Alessandrite I

Extrait de parfum Aldehydic Floral
Alessandrite I is a classic feminine fragrance reinterpreted for a new age. Iconic notes of jasmine are boosted with the addition of zesty bergamot and the shimmer of aldehydes. This unexpected combination surprises and captivates.
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Alessandrite I

Vibrant modernity

Dedicated to the Venice Biennale’s iconic venue, Arsenale, and named after a purple pigment used by Murano glassmakers, Alessandrite I embodies the union of past and present in the Italian city. Where old meets new and timeless meets contemporary, this scent is a celebration of the combined brilliance of contrasting elements. To pay homage to Venetian craftsmanship, the bottle features a Murano mask, designed by Didier Guillon and hand-fashioned by master glassmaker Leonardo Cimolin, and a leather-trimmed topper.

Eclectic elegance

A bright and luminous center of richly floral jasmine is topped with shards of tangy bergamot and metallic aldehydes. Lasting beauty, created through a modern gaze.




The tangy sparkle of the citrus fruit zest.



A nocturnal flower pulsating with a fruity, sensual heart.



This indispensable perfume extract brings shine and freshness to the floral bouquet.

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