Storie Veneziane

Alessandrite I

Extrait de parfum
Floral Aldehydic

Vibrant modernity for elegant aesthetes
Sophisticated and timeless, yet decisively modern, this flashy extrait de parfum adorns the elegant and romantic with a confident femininity. A beating heart of heady and powerful jasmine is crystallized by bergamot and enhanced with the metallic luster of aldehyde. A luminous and intimate wake converts the classic into the reinvented.

Alessandrite I

Vibrant modernity for elegant aesthetes

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Scent notes

Storie Veneziane - Alessandrite I

The tangy sparkle of the citrus fruit zest.


A nocturnal flower pulsating with a fruity, sensual heart.


This indispensable perfume extract brings shine and freshness to the floral bouquet.


Alessandrite I enrobes only the most stylish with an understated jewel. Modernity and tradition meet in this luminous perfume, capturing the abundance of beauty that the Arsenal of Venice hosts during each Biennial. The bright, floral center of rich and powerful jasmine is topped with shards of tangy bergamot and metallic aldehydes, harmonized in an ode to timeless beauty.


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