Bring Back the Bounce: Prevent Sagging Skin with V-Firm!

Bring Back the Bounce: Prevent Sagging Skin with V-Firm!


By Clémence Von Mueffling


As the summer starts to wind down, I can’t help but notice that not only is my tan slowly fading — but also my skin seems to be sagging. While a sunny summer may feel so good at the moment, it always leaves a price to pay on my skin. 

When it comes to signs of aging, wrinkles and spots used to be my primary focus. As the years went by, I noticed another major issue that was equally as responsible for making me look older: sagging skin. It is undeniable that the loss of collagen and elastin will impact the skin as you age. While the skin may naturally start to look and feel less supple, you do not have to let gravity take over!

Thankfully, my years working as a beauty journalist have taught me a few tricks to help me get my ‘bounce’ back… 



Everything from genetics to age can impact skin density and elasticity. Reducing exposure to external factors such as sun or pollution can help slow the process, and a nutrient-rich diet will also feed the skin with some droplets of youth. 

But — none of these efforts would be enough without my magic wand, or better, my magic trio. 

Enter: Valmont’s new V-FIRM line. A line dedicated to tightening tissue, promoting a more well-rested appearance and regenerating tissue for improved firmness, V-Firm trio combats wrinkles, fine lines and free radicals while plumping the look of skin.

To firm up the look of your skin at home, these potent skin-tightening products might be just what you need.



Whether you feel that your skin has a tendency to deflate or to simply lack muscle tone, V-FIRM offers the perfect targeted solution thanks to a powerful blend of tested and state-of-the-art ingredients that work together to restore density and thickness in the dermis. 


To achieve visible results, Valmont created the V-FIRM formula, which combines Peptide Cocktail, Density Complex and DNA/RNA duo to tackle aging signs and boost collagen.



For best and most efficient results, I like to use the trio both morning and evening. 

With the serum, I get an instant soothing yet sculpting sensation that I can feel restoring my skin’s firmness more and more each day. Similar to myself,  95% of women in a consumer study reported seeing visible results thanks to its peptide cocktail, DNA/RNA duo and ‘Density Complex’. 

The cream brings immediate comfort to the skin, whether it is used in the morning before my makeup or evening before going to bed. Re-densifying active ingredients work in synergy with plant-based Squalane to bring back density to the dermis and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. 

Last but definitely not least, the eye cream infused with Hyaluronic Acid and the V-FIRM core formula has a silky texture that will pleasantly surprise you while coating the skin with a hydrating and tensing film. It promotes an instant effect on the skin’s elasticity while improving the appearance of under-eye creases. 




Always start with properly cleansing your skin, as some SPF or makeup may still be trapped inside your pores. The best way to thoroughly cleanse the skin is by double cleansing — a tried-and-true method that I learned from some of the greatest beauty experts in the world. 

From the serum to the eye cream to the face cream, each product in the trio embodies Valmont’s signature qualities: high-performance efficacy, comfort, and sensoriality.



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