Take Your Complexion to Swiss Alpine Heights

Take Your Complexion to Swiss Alpine Heights


You don’t have to be a Heidi of the Alps to sport a naturally glowing complexion, but altitude does influence the potency of our skincare formulas without a doubt. Our Luminosity collection is a prime example.


Alpine ingredients to promote your skin’s glow 


At Valmont, we are so fortunate to have our roots in Switzerland and we are more than happy to pass that good fortune on to you through the ingredients we cultivate for our skincare formulas in our lofty alpine gardens. 


Why a garden in the Swiss Alps? 


You may not be aware of it, but mineral rich soil, crystalline glacier water and pure air coupled with the unpredictable, often harsh climate conditions of higher altitudes, make for hardy, active ingredient-rich plants, every cellular cosmetics scientist’s dream. And our team of scientists has brought seven of these potent alpine varieties together to create our Swiss Phyto-Complex and placed it at the heart of our radiance-enhancing collection, Luminosity.

A minimal fuss, highly effective skincare line composed of four feathery-light textured formulas:


LumiPeel, a rich exfoliating fluid

LumiSence, a pore refining serum

LumiCream, an instant glow enhancement cream

Lumimask, an all-in-one face peel and replenishing mask.




Luminosity. A bright idea for dull complexions.


Before we delve further into the ingredients that make Luminosity products so special, let’s talk a bit about the causes of dull-looking skin. They can be multiple, from lifestyle (smoking, dehydration, inadequate exfoliation) to environmental factors (climate, pollution) and of course, age. Any single one, or a combination of several, can result in uneven or rough skin that no longer reflects light, in other words, that has lost its glow. 


The solution for bringing lackluster skin back to life? Resurface and smooth the skin so that it can capture and mirror light for a brighter appearance. A job that Luminosity takes very seriously with its four radiance-boosting formulas that clear away dead skin cells and grimy residue, smooth over imperfections, reduce pores and balance skin tone. 





Swiss Phyto-Complex. A bouquet of radiance at the heart of Luminosity.


Achillea millefolium, peppermint, Veronica officinalis, Alchemilla, Melissa, Mallow and Primrose. Even if you’ve only heard of a few of these plants, their status as skin benefactors is well established in the pharmaceutical industry. All seven of them can be found in our alpine garden reserves at altitudes ranging from 800 to 1500 meters. Grown using organic and sustainable agricultural practices, painstakingly harvested by hand before entering the delicate active ingredient extraction phase, they come together as one of Luminosity’s key ingredients, the Swiss Phyto-Complex, to remedy skin surface imperfections and even out the complexion. 



To the root of the matter with white mulberry


If the Swiss Phyto-Complex is at the heart of Luminosity, the white mulberry provides its roots, literally. The ancestral secret behind the immaculate complexion of Japanese women, we’ve included two mulberry root extract types in our glow-enhancing facial care formulas for their potential to smooth and bring uniformity to skin tone.  The first is extracted from roots cultivated conventionally in soil and the second from roots grown aeroponically, suspended in the air. Both root extracts are purveyors of precious active molecules, with the aeroponic cultivation technique, an innovative and sustainable farming method, increasing their potency and concentration many-fold. 




Enough about ingredients and science, it’s time to give your skin over to healthy, alpine glow !


Though your name may not be Heidi, you can certainly look forward to radiant skin with the purity and strength of Swiss nature brought to you by Luminosity. 





Discover the entire collection and download our Valmont X Valeria Lipovetsky Luminosity Beauty Guide.



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Glow-enhancing cream
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