The science behind V-Firm formulas.  Sinkers and saggers beware.

The science behind V-Firm formulas. Sinkers and saggers beware.




Growing old happens to everyone and your skin can’t help but show it in varying degrees of severity. According to dermatologists, as we age, our skin falls prey to one or more of three major facial-aging categories:  



1) Wrinklers  Faces that develop a profusion of wrinkles and fine lines


 2) Sinkers Faces that deflate, leaving the underlying bone structure clearly visible


 3) Saggers Faces that grow heavy or jowly, flaccid and lacking in tone.


Valmont’s V-Firm Collection, a trio of firming skincare formulas, comes to the rescue with an effective response to “sinkers” and “saggers”, improving skin elasticity, density and firmness. Here’s how…  





Powerful active ingredients and their skin firming mission


Peptide coktail

Mission: collagen production

Made up of Matrikines, messenger peptides that regulate cell activities, our peptide cocktail promotes fibroblast metabolism and collagen synthesis for a firmer, denser dermis.


Density complex 

Mission: bouncy dermis

A unique blend of vitamin C and amino acids (lysine and proline), a glucosamine derivative (precursor of hyaluronic acid), copper and Immortelle flower extract, this complex targets elastin synthesis for a “bouncier” dermis.


Triple DNA and RNA Liposome

Mission: cell harmony  

Thanks to its exceptional anti-aging properties (hydration, restoration, stimulation of cell renewal and metabolism), Triple DNA, a Valmont signature ingredient, provides all the energy components indispensable for cell vitality. Meanwhile, the RNA liposome traps RNA and urea inside a phospholipid membrane for in-depth action. 




What causes a lack of firmness and sagginess in skin? 


There are many culprits, the first and inevitable is aging, with external disrupters and lifestyle running a close second:


Aging: as our skin ages, its elastin and collagen production slows down. The decrease of these two youth-preserving proteins weakens the skin’s elasticity and capacity for “snapping back” and withstanding gravity’s downwards pull.


Lifestyle: as much as we do our best to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, let’s face it, we are all human and we all have our little foibles. The main contributors to sagging skin in the lifestyle department are alcohol and tobacco consumption, an unbalanced diet and fluctuations in weight.


External disrupters: the environment abounds with elements that can have a negative influence on the skin with pollution and exposure to UV rays being the most common. 





Prevention and restoration with a targeted skincare routine and a dedicated spa treatment 


 The importance of using a daily beauty ritual that focuses on your main skin concern can never be stressed enough. Our firmness line, comprised of three high-performance treatments, works to improve skin elasticity, density and firmness in comfortable textures designed for maximum ingredient bioavailability.  


V-Firm Serum  Firmness correction face serum with a milky veil texture and comfortable velvety finish and sheathing effect to help restore elasticity and tone for plumper skin and a sculpted facial volume.


V-Firm Cream  Redensifying face cream with a voluptuous, enveloping texture to reinforce elasticity, densify the skin and nourish the epidermis.


V-Firm Eye  Firming eye cream care with a “melting honey gel” texture to reinforce elasticity and skin structure and lift droopy eyelids.


Dedicated spa treatment To heighten the firming effects of your V-Firm home routine, indulge in a luxury spa experience with Firmness of the Hills – a sculpting, remodeling ritual your skin will never forget. Find a spa near me 


Although aging is a fact of life, the V-Firm Collection will help keep “sinkers” and “saggers” at bay while your skin enjoys the beauty of renewed density, elasticity and bounce.




Discover the entire V-Firm Collection, its skin firming actions, visible results, ingredients and instructions for use.



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Valmont V-Firm Serum targeting tone and elasticity to plump and firm the facial contours.
Firmness & contour corrector serum
V-Firm Eye
Firming eye contour care
V-Firm Cream concentrates its efforts on densifying the skin’s barrier to improve firmness and elasticity for a face contour redefined.
Densifying face cream
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