Palazzo Nobile

Satin Musk

Eau de toilette
Floral Musky

A powdered veil for lovers of femininity
Generous and subtle, this eau de toilette envelops sweet, romantic, and delicate women in a powdery cocoon. A celebratory harmony of musk adorned with notes of aniseed reveals a sunny and floral accord of imperial jasmine. Intimacy is revealed in a discreet and ultra-feminine fragrance.

Satin Musk

A powdered veil for lovers of femininity

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Scent notes

Palazzo Nobile - Satin Musk

The softest of notes create a fleshy and powdery character.

Aniseed Notes

A fresh and sparkling composition that awakens the senses.

Jasmine Accord

The subtle opulence of a bouquet of sensual white flowers and bold green fruits.


An immaculate eau de toilette, Satin Musk seduces with its infinitely silky texture, punctuated with aromatic aniseed notes and an opulent jasmine heart. Four varieties of musk create a depth that reigns supreme. This soft blend offers a fair, feminine, and unique harmony.


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