Valmont cosmetics and skincare - Valentine's DayValmont cosmetics and skincare - Valentine's Day


Love has many faces, let Valmont reveal yours

Celebrate all kinds of love with Valmont for Valentine’s Day.

Discover our sensual and sophisticated fragrances and fall for a selection of our most loved skincare iconics.


Receive 3-piece Storie Veneziane sample Set including our three collections of fragrances with the code VALENTINESDAY with any of your purchase.

For every fragrance purchase, receive a Storie Veneziane Heart-Shaped Key Ring.


Perfume as jewellery

  1. Collectione Privata - Jazzy Twist
    Collectione Privata
    Jazzy Twist
    Brazen freedom for bubbly women
  2. Collectione Privata - Lady Code
    Collectione Privata
    Lady Code
    A seductive classic for elegant women
  3. Collectione Privata - Private Mind
    Collectione Privata
    Private Mind
    A fascinating enigma for the sensual and racy
  4. Storie Veneziane - Rosso I
    Storie Veneziane
    Rosso I
    The incandescence of the senses for enthusiasts


Beauty masks and more


  1. Valmont - Prime Renewing Pack
    Prime Renewing Pack

    Your Prime Renewing Pack dressed for the Fairyland Season

    As low as $230.00
  2. Valmont - Regenerating Mask Treatment
    Regenerating Mask Treatment
    Instantly smoothes, soothes and hydrates skin
  3. l'Elixir des Glaciers - Vos Yeux
    l'Elixir des Glaciers
    Vos Yeux
    Visibly reduces wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles
  4. l'Elixir des Glaciers - Votre Visage
    l'Elixir des Glaciers
    Votre Visage
    Multi-functioning, lifting magic
  5. Valmont - Moisturizing Booster
    Moisturizing Booster
    Plumps and revitalizes the skin
  6. Valmont - Primary Serum
    Primary Serum
    Ultra concentrated in RNA Liposome