Storie Veneziane

Rosso I

Extrait de parfum Floral Oriental
With a heart of rose wrapped in pink berries and oud, Rosso I's opulence of character challenges the wearer with its depth and complexity. To be worn by men or women, this rich and sophisticated extrait de parfum enthralls the senses.
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Rosso I

Divinely right

Named after a red pigment used by Murano glassmakers and composed in tribute to the splendor of San Francesco Della Vigna in Venice, Rosso I resonates with mystical sensuality. Evoking long-forgotten forbidden encounters under the arches of the majestic Venetian building, it is intensely aromatic. In homage to the craftsmanship of the Italian city, the bottle features a Murano mask, designed by Didier Guillon and hand-fashioned by master glassmaker Leonardo Cimolin, and a leather-trimmed topper.

Senses aglow

An intriguingly vibrant opening, led by fruity pink berries, is contrasted with the depth of its damask rose heart. Oud, one of the world’s most expensive perfume ingredients, adds powerfully carnal woody notes to form an assertive, full-bodied bouquet. A modern interpretation of a bygone era.



Pink Berries

Spicy and fresh, these carmine seeds anoint the composition with strength.


Damask Rose

Though delicate looking, it offers strong spices and almond inflections.



A smoky and robust resin with an animalistic and fruity trail.

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