DetO2x by Valmont

Powerful and playful beauty products that clear both the skin and the mind. DetO2x by Valmont captures the oxygen from the atmosphere to deliver itto your skin in a sensory experience that erases the impacts of urban pollution and other stress factors. A breath of fresh air and a well-deserved pause that promotes youth, light and self-love. 


Your 10-minute bubble of pure pleasure.

Effective doesn’t mean boring… Valmont reinvents the art of masking with DetO2x pack, a fun, delightful, easy and extremely efficient single-dose pod that detoxifies and oxygenates the skin of active women and men on the go in just 10 minutes.

  1. Valmont - Deto2x pack
    Deto2x pack
    The anti-urban-pollution powerhouse

    An immediate shot of oxygen that visibly clarifies

    10ml x 6pcs

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A playful experience

This new effervescent mask, transforming into a luxurious, sparkling foam, encapsulates a cocktail of potent ingredients to eliminate fine particles and brighten the complexion, leaving nothing behind but a youthful, radiant skin.

Innovative active ingredients

A double O2 complex made of nasturtium flower and perfluorocarbon extracts, that boosts cell oxygenation and facilitates the distribution of oxygen deep into the skin.

Swiss garden cress sprouts, that eliminate toxins within and outside the skin for an in-depth cleanse.

Swiss apple stem cells, amazing youth activators.

Bid farewell to the effects of pollution, stress, lack of sleep… Get your glow – and your smile – back!


A Valmont best seller, and the ideal partner to DETO2X PACK. A detoxifying and oxygenating whipped cream providing the skin with its daily dose of oxygen by forming exhilarating bubbles on the surface. The results are immediate, and intensify day after day: refreshed, replumped, the complexion is brighter and the features more relaxed. Detoxing has never been more enjoyable.

Discover DetO2x with Sophie Vann Guillon

Born from a cellular cosmetics clinic based in Switzerland, with a vision that a healthy, radiant and plumped skin is beautiful,
we work every day to provide you with visibly effective skincare treatments and elegant fine fragrances.
Sophie Vann Guillon, CEO of Valmont