DetO2x Cream

Detoxifying oxygenating cream

A breath of fresh air for the skin. This whipped cream restores radiance by promoting cell oxygenation and detoxifying the complexion.
45 ml
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The virtues of oxygen!

Innovative DetO2X Cream awakens the complexion like a breath of fresh air. Its surprising, airy texture has bubbles that regenerate when in contact with oxygen, detoxifying and revealing healthy and plumped skin.

Say goodbye to gray and awaken with new freshness.

01. Captures ambient oxygen and diffuses it into skin
02. Cleans and purifies the gray complexion caused by urban life
03. Skin is liberated, plumped up, relaxed and rested

This product is ideal for

All skin types, especially those exposed to cigarette smoke or urban environments.

All skin types



Essential gestures for perfect skin

Each morning after applying the serum, remove the foam from the surface of the cream. Using the mini brush, apply product to the face with light touches, avoiding massaging with pressure.

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