Prime Lip Repair

Repairing lip care

Nourishes, repairs and protects. Offers the delicate skin of the lips all the ingredients it needs to fight against aging and external aggressions.
15 ml
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V-Skin Diagnosis

Find out what your skin needs with V-Skin Diagnosis

A winning smile!

This milky emulsion fights against external aggressions–like weather and signs of aging–by nourishing and hydrating the lips. It's unique anti-wrinkle and anti-aging actions keep lips smooth and figths dryness with intense nourishing.

Soft, silky and comfortable lips!

01. Smooths wrinkles and fine lines to restore the mouth's natural fullness
02. Eliminates the signs of dryness to improve the elasticity of the lips

This product is ideal for

Aged, dry or cracked lips.

All skin types



Essential gestures for perfect skin

Morning and evening, and several times a day if necessary, apply by tapping product onto the lips and their contour. Apply under lipstick for longer lasting color. Apply over lipstick for a shiny, satin finish. If lips are intensely damaged, apply a generous amount of product to the lips overnight.

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