Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask Single

Smoothing under eye patch

Smooths fine lines and plumps under the eye
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Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask Single

Your jetlag eye-saver

Give your eyes immediate relief with this practical, anti-fatigue under-eye patch. Rich in minerals and active agents to smooth, moisturize, revitalize and decongest. Wrinkles appear plumped, puffiness and dark circles attenuated.

Depuffing and anti-dark circle solution

01. Smooths wrinkles
02. Plumps the under eye
03. Reduces puffiness

This product is ideal for

All skin-types. An absolute must for jetlagged travelers or when suffering from a lack of sleep.

All skin types



Essential gestures for perfect skin

Press firmly on the fluid chamber with both thumbs until you feel a click. When the patch is soaked through, remove the foil backing and apply to the under-eye area. Remove gently after 15-20 minutes and follow up with your favorite moisturizing lotion. For daily use as an intensive treatment, several times a week as a cure or weekly for under-eye maintenance.

Application image

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