Valmont's Ultimate Guide to Winter Beauty

Valmont's Ultimate Guide to Winter Beauty




Snowy Slopes & Skincare


With ski season upon us and although the freezing temperatures are not ideal for the skin and can lead to premature aging or dry skin, a hydrating Valmont facial will keep your skin happy while you enjoy your favorite snow activity. Are you looking for a luxury ski resort this winter? We've compiled a list of our favorite Valmont partners just for you!





Montage Deer Valley - Park City (Utah)


Should you need some pampering after a day on the slopes ski right into Montage Deer Valley and head to Spa Montage Deer Valley, an attractive space that is spread over 35,000 square feet and has 29 treatment rooms.


Nestled just a snowball's throw away from Park City's iconic Main Street and a mere 40-minute scenic drive from Salt Lake City International Airport, Montage Deer Valley epitomizes the perfect blend of rustic charm and refined luxury. With its unparalleled ski-in/ski-out access to one of America's premier ski destinations, guests find themselves seamlessly immersed in the winter wonderland of Utah's pristine slopes. But Montage Deer Valley is more than just a ski resort; it boasts the largest spa in the state, a quintet of culinary delights ranging from haute cuisine to a jovial pub complete with its bowling alley. Yet, the allure extends beyond the snow-capped peaks; year-round activities abound, from invigorating hikes and thrilling mountain biking trails to leisurely rounds of golf and enchanting outdoor concerts. Whether casting a line for trout in crystalline waters or simply soaking in the breathtaking scenery, Montage Deer Valley promises an unforgettable escape, no matter the season.


Montage Deer Valley



Montage Big Sky - Big Sky (Montana, US)


Epitomizing the peaceful yet adventurous spirit of the Mountain West, Montage Big Sky invites guests to experience the rugged beauty of Montana’s Big Sky Country.

Tucked away amidst the rugged splendor of the Spanish Peaks mountain range, Montage Big Sky stands as a testament to the untamed allure of Montana's Big Sky Country. Seamlessly blending the rugged ethos of the mountain west with the renowned warmth of Montage hospitality, this alpine sanctuary beckons guests to immerse themselves in a tapestry of unforgettable experiences year-round. From the exhilarating ski-in/ski-out access to Big Sky Resort's pristine slopes to the serene tranquility of three world-class fly-fishing rivers, and the exclusive allure of a private 18-hole golf course crafted by Tom Weiskopf, every moment here is an ode to adventure and indulgence. Venture forth on private jeep tours through the iconic Yellowstone National Park, a mere hour's drive away, or surrender to the sublime pampering of the 10,000-square-foot Spa Montage. Culinary delights await at refined dining venues celebrating the bounty and creativity of the surrounding land. With 139 guestrooms, suites, and residences offering a haven of serenity, Montage Big Sky invites guests to exhale deeply and embrace the extraordinary beauty of this remarkable corner of the world.



Montage Big Sky



Fairmont Tremblant - Mont-Tremblant (Quebec, CA)


Nestled at the foot of Canada’s famous Tremblant mountain, Fairmont Tremblant offers one of the best locations in this four-destination ski town.

Perched amidst the breathtaking vistas of Tremblant's majestic peaks, the iconic ski-in/ski-out haven of Fairmont Tremblant sets the stage for an idyllic alpine retreat, beckoning guests year-round to bask in its splendor. Nestled at the very foot of these towering summits, the resort stands as the quintessential destination for a harmonious blend of leisure and excitement, crafting timeless memories for couples, families, and solo travelers alike. Prepare to embark on your ultimate alpine escapade, where every moment promises to be a symphony of relaxation and adventure, painting the canvas of your memories with hues of unparalleled beauty and joy.



Fairmont Tremblant




We pile on the layers, by a blazing fire, or as some prefer — in bed surrounded by a mountain of blankets. But even though we are hibernating, chances are you will still have to head out and face the elements. This means you may find yourself with damaged skin — at the very least dehydrated skin. And there is nothing worse than dry, flaky skin during the cold winter months! Luckily, there are products out there that can help your skin fight back and keep it from getting too stressed throughout the season.


We have rounded up a list of must-try products, many of which include all the right ingredients to assist with keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. We recommend introducing different products into a routine during the winter as this is when skin tends to be a bit more dry and dehydrated. Skin lacks moisture in cold, dry climates; therefore, you want to load on all the hydration you can get.




Prime Regenera II:


The regenerative cosmetic butter!

This ultra-rich balm intensely repairs and nourishes the skin with lasting effects. It brings comfort and well-being in the face of daily stress, dryness, and stimulation. Relieved, the skin appears more supple and soothed.

Morning and/or evening put a small amount of product in your hands and apply it to the face after a serum. For an intermittent intense nutritional treatment, apply the mask in a generous layer and leave it on for 20 minutes. Remove the excess with a soft cloth.



Cellular Prime Complex: exclusive anti-aging and anti-wrinkle active ingredients (triple DNA, Liposome RNA, and Peptides+) for visible rejuvenation. Lipid complex: restores cohesion and skin’s protective function. Beeswax: nourishes and softens.



Moisturizing with a Mask:


A hydrating cocoon! Captivating and smooth, this mask delights the senses and provides intense hydration from the first application. It envelops the skin in a veil of comforting softness. Fine lines are smoothed. The surface of the skin is replenished and the complexion is refreshed. The skin is visibly more plump, regaining comfort and suppleness.

Twice a week, apply a thick layer to the face and neck. Leave on for 20 minutes and then remove excess with a soft cloth.



Rosa Moschata: strengthens the skin’s protective and hydrating barrier. Shea butter: rebalances lipids in the skin. Rehydrating complex: acts as a hydro-magnet, forming a waterlogged reservoir.





Prime Lip Repair



A winning smile! This emulsion fights against external aggressions–like weather and signs of aging–by nourishing and hydrating the lips. Lips are left soft, silky, and comfortable.

Morning and evening, and several times a day if necessary, apply by tapping the product onto the lips and their contour. Apply under lipstick for a longer-lasting color. Apply over lipstick for a shiny, satin finish. If lips are intensely damaged, apply a generous amount of product to the lips overnight.



Cellular Prime Complex: an exclusive concentrate of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle active ingredients (triple DNA, Liposome RNA, and Peptides+). Avocado extract: source of lipids for supple skin. Propolis: stimulates healing.


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