Eva Nicole from Palm Beach Day Spa Shares Skincare Tips for Every Age

Eva Nicole from Palm Beach Day Spa Shares Skincare Tips for Every Age


We had the privilege of interviewing Eva Nicole Balsmeier, a prominent figure in the cosmetics industry in Palm Beach Florida, an expert in the field who has amassed a loyal clientele over the years. Originally from Poland, she began her professional journey as a piano and cello teacher, with many remarking on her skillful hands. However, her passion for skincare and beauty drew her towards the industry at the age of 22. After moving to France, she gained familiarity with French skincare lines and began her work in the field. Now, having worked for over 30 years in the industry, she has continued to hone her craft and maintain her clients' trust.

Her notable clients include A-list celebrities, due in no small part to her dedication to finding the best products and using innovative techniques has been a hallmark of her career. She often hears her clients say she has the best hands in the business, or “dancing fingers” as some have come to refer to her gifts. Her expertise has led to her being a sought-after celebrity esthetician, having worked with various high-profile individuals over the years. Her passion for her craft has also led her to offer her services to people from all walks of life, including those at men's shelters.

Despite her many years in the industry, this expert shows no signs of slowing down, continuing to attend skincare shows and keeping up with the latest trends. Her dedication to her craft and clients is apparent, as evidenced by her enduring success in the industry.

What attracted you to Valmont?

Well, Valmont is a luxury skincare brand that uses high-quality ingredients and cutting-edge technology. I was drawn to their commitment to excellence and their focus on results-driven skincare. I have been using Valmont products for the past year and have seen firsthand the transformative effects they can have on the skin. And it’s not just me. One of my aestheticians, who’s in her 30s has been using the Luminosity collection for the past few months and it’s completely changed her complexion. Everyone at the spa uses Valmont because it works. 

How does skin change from your 20s to 60s? 

I would say that young people are lucky because they still have the gift of youth. Their skin still has a lot of elasticity due to them producing more collagen, they still have a lot of glow. Even if they have acne, you can still see the glow in the skin. However, because of this gift of God, many young people don’t take skincare as seriously. They’ll go tanning, not wash their face every evening and so on. I always tell my kids “skin is like a mother. It forgives you but it never forgets.” 

The main thing to do is to protect your skin from external aggressors like the sun and be consistent with your skincare routine. I like suggesting gentle cleansers like Bubble Falls and radiance focused products like the Luminosity collection and make sure the young client understands that keeping the routine up is essential to keeping that glow. 

Then in your 30s and 40s, this is where most people really start noticing a change in the skin, and that’s when people start going to see professionals. They start seeing fine lines and wrinkles so they get lasers, injections, you name it. I also see a lot of people who come in because they’re seeing the effects of sun damage for the first time. I like to suggest they get treatments every 2 to 3 weeks to keep their post-facial glow. 

What is your morning and evening routine?

I love to shower morning and evening. I believe it gives me the right energy to tackle the day. In the morning I start by using Bubble Falls to cleanse. I don’t always use a toner if I’m being honest, but I follow up with Votre Visage cream and Vos Yeux for eye cream. They go really well together and I love to use them. They also work well under foundation, and I’ve been using the Poudre de Teint Precieux lately. It’s a beautiful matte finish. 

When I feel puffy, I think the eye patches are great (Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask ). I use them quite often. My little secret is that I use herbal tea bags. After steeping them in cold water, I place them in the freezer and place them on top of the eye patches. It doesn’t matter what you did the night before. You’ll have brand new eyes. 

In the evening, I start by washing my face with Wonder falls. My skin is on the dry side so it’s a great cleanser. I’ve been using Creme Merveilleuse as my night cream lately. 

Once a week, I’ll treat myself to the collagen mask (Regenerating Mask Treatment) or LumiMask. Those masks really pick you up. 



Morning Bird or Night Owl?


Facial or Massage?



Cat or Dog?


What skincare rule do you swear by?

Always moisturize.

Which skincare rule do you break?

No. I’ll always find a way to keep to my routine.


What are your 3 Valmont must-haves?

Votre Visage, Wonder falls, Cure Majestueuse

By the way, I sell a lot of Cure Majestueuse here. Even though it’s Florida. I recommend it as a hydrating serum or even a highlighter. Just a dab on the high points of the face gives a beautiful healthy glow. 


How would you describe Valmont?

This is a very important question. I’d say it delivers on its promise. It’s luxurious and worth every penny. 

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