Prime Regenera II Prime Regenera II Prime Regenera II

Prime Regenera II

Intense repairing nutrition balm

Repairs extremely dry and damaged skin

For occasional or daily care, this ultra-rich cream nourishes, repairs and soothes.

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Its benefits

The regenerative cosmetic butter!

This ultra-rich balm intensely repairs and nourishes the skin with lasting effects. It brings comfort and well-being in the face of daily stress, dryness, and stimulation. Relieved, the skin appears more supple and soothed. Wrinkles and irritation are visibly reduced.

Essential daily care for consistently dry and lackluster skin.

Its ingredients

Cellular Prime Complex: exclusive anti-aging and anti-wrinkle active ingredients (triple DNA, Liposome RNA and Peptides+) for visible rejuvenation.

Lipid complex: restores cohesion and skin’s protective function.

Beeswax: nourishes and softens.

Its application

Morning and/or evening, put a small amount of product in your hands and apply to the face after a serum.
For an intermittent intense nutritional treatment, apply the mask in a generous layer and leave on for 20 minutes. Remove the excess with a soft cloth.