Glow Getter: How to Get Radiant skin

September 2, 2022

By Clémence Von Mueffling


Both my mother and grandmother worked as beauty editors for French Vogue and they taught me that there is a certain discipline required for beauty. Self-care is not a form of vanity, but rather a ritual and regular part of your life. If you look good, you feel good.  In turn, you will have more self-confidence in your everyday life! 

The younger you start, the better.  Your skin will thank you!

Valmont’s new line Luminosity is the perfect ally for young women who want to start taking great care of their skin. 



It's all about the glow 

I like the idea of healthy, glowing skin. With Valmont Luminosity's straightforward product line, I can combine my fast-paced New York City life with a quick but super efficient skincare routine that gives me a bright and dazzling complexion, what we like to call in French, ‘une peau éclatante’.

All four product formulas contain the Swiss Phyto-Complex made up of seven plants that grow at various altitudes and are infused in Valmont’s heavenly texture signature. The result? A very effective routine for glowing and radiant skin, one that does not need layers of makeup.  Add a smile to it and you are ready for your selfie!  


Four steps, et voilà!


Step 1:

In the morning, I start my morning beauty ritual with the LumiPeel, a rich exfoliating fluid that removes all the impurities accumulated during the night.

This product is the best in its generation of ‘active exfoliants’. It can be used daily (even twice daily) as it is so gentle, yet it refines your skin texture. In a few days you will be dazzled with its results!



Step 2: 

I apply a few drops of LumiSence on my face, neck and decolleté. A serum water, very easy to apply and absorbed in seconds that acts as a pore refiner. The Swiss Phyto-Complex is combined with white mulberry extracts, a pore refiner concentrate and Valmont’s star ingredient, Triple DNA. A true miracle in a small bottle!



Step 3:


Time for hydration with LumiCream. With potent ingredients and soft-focus pigments that instantaneously beautify your complexion. LumiCream’s light texture is ideal for the Spring and Summer season. And if you decide that you still need a little foundation, rest assured that this is the perfect finish to hold any makeup for the entire day. 



Step 4:

To maintain your glow Valmont has another magic formula. A rich cream mask to be used weekly that contains glycolic acid and papaya enzymes to gently and naturally exfoliate the skin while leaving it supple and hydrated at the same time. The LumiMask makes my skin look so radiant every time!



Younger generations have embraced beauty codes that are more about a natural look. A look that suits working women who lead active lives. To me, the new Luminosity range has perfectly answered my needs for a gorgeous yet efficient skincare line that understands that beauty is not about “perfect skin” but rather glowing and radiant skin.